Friday, 21 January 2011

NOTD- Elf Coral

With  nail varnish on Eyes Lips Face for only  £1.50 you can't help but experiment. Whenever I sneak in an ELF order a new polish ususally ends up on my list.

 Anything rosey gold colour I love, I don't now why but i am totally transfixed by things in this shade, the people in Space NK probably think I am a total creep the amount of times I have gone in to play with the orgasm, and super orgasm blushers! So you can see why my eyes were attracted to this particular polish then, it had to be mine.

I am torn on this one, application was superb, one of the best ELF's I have used, this is two coats but it really could have been opaque in one. It dries to an almost satin looking finish and the light reflection in it is incredible! In some lights it looks pure orange, but it is really a sort of salmony colour  with gold sheen running through it. I think on skin tones darker than mine, or in the summer with a tan this will look gorgeous, on me it to some mixed reactions. I love it though, simply as its one of those colours I can spend a good while being distracted by my fingers, looking at them in different lights. I think it might end up a lovely pedicure colour, I want to try it with the matte top coat too! If you have never gone for an ELF polish I would definitely recommend picking some up, there is lots of shades to choose from ( the swatches on the site are not always totally colour accurate) some are hit and miss on the formulation but this particular one goes on like a dream and was chip proof for days!



  1. Wow, that's GORGEOUS! I must get it! Thanks for the swatch. :]

  2. Stunning colour. Your nails look gorgeous!
    I love anything and everything coral! :)

    Love Britt xxx

  3. I also looooove gold slash rosey colours! So pretty! xxx

  4. Oh, I think it's positively gorgeous! It makes me think of springtime. You have perfect nails!

  5. It is a very pretty color!

  6. Eeek, I'm not normally one for pinks but everything about this colour invites me in! (sneaky Twilight reference!)

    I think you're right, in the height of summer it'll look perfect.

    :) x

  7. Thanks for your comment. Means a lot. The post is hidden now but Im grateful for all the support xxx

  8. that would be such a great color for the summertime. especially with a tan! :)

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