Monday, 17 January 2011

NOTD- Chanel nail varnish in Splendeur

To all my new followers I just want to say a big hello! leave your links in the comments when ever you like, I love to read new blogs and learn about new products people are using. 

For those who are new, my best friend HP is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, and kicking its ass nicely. She has been incredible throughout what has been some unbelievably difficult months yet at Christmas still found time to treat me to some ridiculously generous gifts. One of which was this absolutely stunning nail varnish from Chanel, my first ever one! I was bouncing off the walls, she knows me too well, it is so my colour, my absolute favourite on nails is a hot pink and this one is just perfect. It is a richer pink, to me it has an almost more grown up quality than some of the garish numbers I have used in the past. Application is perfect 2 quick coats with little drying time and with some trusty seche vite on top it was chip free for days.

It is really perfect for me, I love a polish I can whip on literally while standing en route to doing something else on the way out the door and this particular Chanel is just that for me. I have had loads of comments while wearing it, it looks pretty darn hot on my toes too :)

Thanks HP!

Now I am ready to expand my collection any Chanel recommendations?



  1. Thats a gorgeous color! Cant go wrong with Chanel polish :)

  2. Wow, your friend HP sounds like an amazing person! I'm glad she's doing well with her treatment. And the colour - WHOA, gorgeous, girl!


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