Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Garnier Herbashine hair colour

I find my natural hair colour pretty dull, it is a mousey brownish shade with no real depth and does little for my skin tone. I have been a whole host of colours in the past blue, blonde, ginger, purple you name it and I have probably tried it!A couple of years ago I was always making my hair lighter, but in recent months it has been about deep, dark reds. The last hair dye I shared with you was L'oreal black cherry which I have used a few times since last year but this time round I decided I wanted to be redder.  I had fallen in love with swatches on line of a new L'oreal shade but I couldn't find it anywhere in the shops, so instead I picked up shade 565 Red Mahogany from Garnier. I find the number of dyes to choose from in the semi permanent lines totally crap, there are fewer and fewer every time I go in, and I still don't want to colour it permanently.
But I was excited to see how red this colour would come out and how quickly it would fade ( damn you red dye!)

I  was really impressed with the colour pay off from this range. I have tried my best to capture it for you above, but in different lights it is so multi tonal it was difficult. It is not as dark and definitely more red than the L'oreal and so far I am really impressed with fading, it has only been a week but usually even by now you can see it starting to go. On the downside I found the application of this dye not as simple and clean as with the L'oreal. This one does not require you to wet your hair first which I found made a big difference to the process, it was harder to soak the hair in product and distribute it evenly. I do love the colour but I am not sure if it totally even this time round, I think due to the application process. We will see how long the red  really lasts but for now I am pleased with the effect.

Garnier Herbashine Colours cost from around £6 from Boots and Superdrug.



  1. hello new follower greetings to you! I would of replied sooner but I was blinded by the shine of your hair!!!!!!!! gorgeous my love really gorgeous! xx

  2. Ooh I love your hair. So shiny!
    Am thinking of dyeing mine.. It's light brownish at the moment but I wanna go either reddish brown or ash blonde.. Dilemma!

  3. how long did it end up lasting?


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