Monday, 27 December 2010

Popping my Lush Cherry

When I was younger going into a Lush store when I went on a day trip to a big city confused me, funny shaped things that you throw in the bath, an overpowering smell and soap that looked like chocolate unsettle me. This followed me right into later life and I basically avoided the brand until last week. During my quest for fixing up my skin I cam across some pretty glowing reviews on a few different Lush products and they caught my eye enough I decided to pinch my nose and wander into my local branch. 

I was so surprised, the aroma was no where near as strong as I had persuaded myself it once was, the variety of odd shaped soaps and bath bombs now seemed like fascinating and enticing treats as opposed to mysterious and pointless blocks. It turns out a girl I know worked there and she took me round and showed me some really great looking stuff and talked me through it, I then explained the products I was interested in and why, she let me play around with them, demonstrating their texture and explaining all the great properties in each. I was so impressed by the products and the service, I explained that I don't like to just get a new product and lash it on my skin without trying it first to see if I break out and she said that it is totally fine to take away samples of the things I am considering to try out. So off I left with 3 great sized trials of new products which I can tell you know I am loving, but will renew separately. 

Mask of Magnaminty, Coal Face cleanser bar and Dark angel exfoliating scrub

This could be the start of an expensive relationship- there is so much I want to try out!

Any recommendations from Lush Lovers out there?


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  1. i got an amazing avocado soap as a christmas gift a couple of years ago. i don't like avocado but i did like the soap!

  2. We dont have a Lush store but Ive done some damage on the website! So many products to choose from!

  3. I love how nice the people in Lush are! The only facial product I've tried is babyface cleanser, so I'd like to know what you make of coal face. I've not been to Lush for ages but I do love their soaps and hand cream! :) xo

  4. I am a Lush fanatic! I would recommend Kings of Skin, that's the best body butter ever! I have a review on blog, I can send you a link if you'd like to see it!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  5. Oh! I used to use Coal Face all the time a few years back when my skin was oilier in the summertime! It works great for oily skin. For soap, I loved Rockstar soap. I'm waiting on Snow Fairy Shower Gel in the mail right now, but I'm sure I'll like it better because it'll last longer!

    Although it's a bit expensive, Enzymion moisturizer is one the best one I've had yet!

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  7. I know how you feel. After hearing good reviews about a couple of Lush products, I really wanted to try them out too. I went to the closets and only Lush store in my area which is one and a half hours away from where I live just to buy these Lush products. I got the body/face scrub and lip scrup. Right now I love the body/face scrub. I am happy to hear that you got samples before buying. I wish I knew so I could have gotten some samples too. Please let us know what you think about your samples because I would love to try other Lush products out if they are worth it. :)

  8. lush bubblegum lip scrub is fab!

    lovely blog :) xx

  9. I LOVE Lush. Honey I Washed the Kids is the nicest soap in the world. Some stuff smells like a dead cat (not that i've smelled one before) but other stuff is amazing - the best bath bombs are fairy jasmine and butterball I think. Jenni Guy used to get us stuff from Lush cause her sister worked there.

    Anyway, HI RUTH! I just found your blog via Maired's which I have been reading since Iona told me the news. I hope you're well xxx Jackie (Stephen's old flatmate)

  10. This is the third time I've tried to comment and it won't work! Why?! Anyway, my all-time top Lush productos are: Baby Face, Lip Scrubs, the Blue solid shampoo, Dream Cream (actually melts into your skin) and the face/body wash that has lemon and vodka in it.

    And no, I'm not working on commission.


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