Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Free Lush Colour Supplement with Top Sante Voucher

First off hello to all the new readers, lovely to meet you all! Looking forward to reading all your blogs and thanks for entering the giveaway.

Just wanted to let anyone who is eligible know that right now if you pick up a copy of Top Sante magazine ( £2.90 I think) right now there is a voucher inside for a free jar of their colour supplement. The jars are usually £7.50 and you get a huge 20g of product for that, even more when you are mixing it with moisturiser. I will do a proper review when I came but basically:

"The colour supplements can be used on their own as a foundation or applied locally as a concealer. For a lighter finish, they can be used to create your own tinted moisturiser. Just combine a dab of colour supplement with your favourite moisturiser and blend together for your own specially created mix"

You can read more about it here. When I went in to get mine the Lush girls were really happy to help find my colour ( light pink!) and demonstrated the best way to see what colour the product really is- next to it on the shelf there is a little squirty moisturiser and when you put a blob of that on the back of your hand and mix in a little of the colour it blends down to a normal foundation look and you can really see what colour is best for your tone.I love how  you can adapt it to the exact coverage you like, and it makes a great concealer, so far i am finding the pink is great on the under eye and cancels out those festive eye bags.

For 2.90 I think it is a steal and well worth experimenting with, and for anyone keen to use make up with more natural ingredients it is the perfect opportunity to start, it is also suitable for Vegans!

Top Sante  is not a magazine I have ever looked at before, but the money I spent on it was not wasted, it actually has some great articles in it,including a fab one in this issue on contraceptive pills and the best one to combat various side effects E.G weight gain, acne, mood swings. On top of that it has a decent beauty section and some great health tips. The issue with the voucher is available until the 4th of January and has a red haired model on the front, if it helps anyone they stack it in the women's health section. ( I eventually had to ask as I was hunting high and low- I even rummaged the fishing section- Doh!)

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  1. That is such a bargain! I love Lush! Do you recall if this offer is valid in Ireland too or only the UK?



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