Monday, 20 December 2010

Clarisonic plus review

I cannot believe it, I feel so very lucky to be saying I finally have the Clarisonic I have been lusting over for more than a year. My dear darling lovely boyf decided seeing as I had wanted one so bad then that is what I would get for Christmas.

I was so excited, and when I saw Space NK were doing a 20% off in store I knew then was the time to get it, so off we went to pick one up. Now if we sold the Mia here in the UK I would have gone for that- i love the idea of the smaller portable version with the little charger, but we only have the classic or plus and with the Plus being the only model carried in store, my mind was made up. Simply because I am greedy and I wanted to get my greedy little mitts on it right there and then, I was literally grabbing it out of the SA's hand!

So I have been  using it now at least once a day for the last month and feel it is time to share my thoughts.  Is it an essential part of your life- no,but do I love and covet  it and adore  using it- yes! My skin was never bad when I was younger but in the past year due to a combination of things it had become a real mess, underlying cyst like lumps, huge pores and deep congestion, oil, breakouts and uneven tone. It was by no means terrible, I know so many suffer really badly and I would say I was lucky with what I had. But it was really bothering me, with being such a terrible picker I was leaving myself with lots of scars and generally making it worse by trying a whole load of different strong products at once- a big mistake I know.

So for anyone who doesn't know about Clarisonic:

"Using a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second, the Clarisonic gently cleanses your skin twice as effectively as manual cleansing. Even more impressive is that this allows all of your precious serums and creams to penetrate much better than they are now.
Use it twice daily, and you'll find the Clarisonic reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking smooth and vibrant."

It is made by the people who created the ever popular sonic toothbrush, I guess it is just a massive toothbrush for the face come to think of it! You blob on a good ( non foaming is best) cleanser on the face, switch it on and move it in light circular motions on your face: 20 seconds on the forehead and chin area is advised and 10 seconds on each cheek although you can programme it to longer if needs be and the beeps tell you when to move it on your face. I tell you that one minute is pure spa pampering it feels amazing and it really does leave my skin so unbelievably clean. 

I am not ashamed to admit before just a quick run over with a simple wipe was my version of cleansing but with the change in my skin this clearly was not enough any more.The Clarisonic claims to clean 6x deeper and I can say it really does feel like it. It is just in the past few days I think I have really notice how much my skin has cleared up, evened out and improved. I have been asked 2 times in the last week about what I am doing to skin as it is looking really clear, and the boyf even said to me last night, your skin looks great- now for him to notice that is something :)

The price tag is the big issue I know, and it is a definite luxury but one I am happy to use and am excited to continue with, for anyone with really problem skin I don't know if this will be your big fix but I can say that I have found it has been a really big help and can really see it working, my skin feels a lot smoother, looks fresher and is much cleaner. Thank you lovely boyf for the most exciting present ever, it is the gift that is going to keep on giving!!


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  1. Im so glad you got one! Ive wanted a Clarisonic for so long!

  2. Ah I want a clarisonic so bad!! Maybe for my birthday haha

  3. Yay Yay Yay!! I KNOW that mother was worth the wait...I've been eye'ing it for over a year myself. Sadly I think it may be a bit more of a wait,but it's good to know it's a worthwhile investment in the end.



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