Friday, 19 November 2010

There is no place like home....


 I am sad, my parents are selling my childhood home and I found out last night they have sold it. It is not quite all signed sealed delivered yet but it is almost done and I had no idea how sad it would make me. They only just decided to do it a couple of weeks ago, and it has all happened so fast. Don't get me wrong, I am really happy for mum and dad as I know they are keen to move ( we don’t have the money to do all on the house we need to) But I am so attached to the place I can’t bear the thought of someone else living in it. Every room, every wall, every corner of that place hold a million memories to me, some sad, some difficult, but mostly really really happy ones. That places knows all my secrets, and all my thoughts and the thought of passing it when I return home and it not being mine is a hard one.

It probably sounds very silly but my home makes me feel safe, like no matter what happens wherever I am in the world I had that place to go back to and be protected. I know I will have a place in my parents new place but it won't feel like 'mine' any more. All part of really growing up I guess- I hate change.
It is sad to think that Christmas this year will be my last here, and It will be with a very heavy heart that I help pack up all the stuff to take to the new place. I am excited for the folks to set up their new home and look forward to getting to know it, but this house will always have my heart. I used to live on Fairies Road and even the name was magical to me, I guess I will just have to find the magic in the new place.

Have a really great weekend everyone.

Much Love,



  1. awe - i'd be SUPER sad too - if my parents sold my childhood home - i dunno what i'd do - i always "had home" - it would def take some getting use too!

  2. Oh I know the feeling! I was 22 when my parents moved but it was my childhood home so I was so upset about it. Definitely difficult!

  3. ah this was a really sweet post- your old house was really cute :)
    But at least think that you will have a new place to build great memories!!

  4. I know exactly how you feel. My Dad and brother left my childhood home not long after I first moved out and I was (and if I'm honest, still am) completely gutted.
    Christmas is not really quite the same anymore.
    At the same time, it's the people that make the memories, and as long as you are blessed with a great family, you'll always build new great memories :)


  5. Oh sweet girl! Don't be sad my dear:) i know its hard but when you think about that house-all those memories-just remember its only a house-family is what made it home. -and your family isn't going anywhere:) many happy wishes to you, my friend! Ps. Have you heard Miranda Lambert's song The House That Built Me? I think you would like it and hopefully it ccan bring you some comfort.

  6. Thanks everyone, nice to know others have felt the same when it has happened to them.. you are all very lovely, much love xx

  7. such a nostalgic little post, I've not been in this situation yet but hearing how you feel isnt surprising at all. wee bit sad for you :( but I guess now its the beginning of a new chapter in your mum and dads life? and a new house for them to call home :) xx

  8. Very nice post to read! Love the blog Followed!

  9. Thats really sad and I know exactly how you feel! Even now that I've moved out of my parents house it still feels like home to me and I'll refer to it as my house (forgetting that I moved out 5 years ago!)

    On the plus side you'll probably enjoy the excitement of redecorating somewhere new and getting to know the new neighbours. :)

    Joy ♥


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