Monday, 22 November 2010

Accessorize nail polish in Notorious

I just cannot stay away from the Accessorize stand in Superdrug right now, the shiny colours just draw me in. My most recent purchase is this nail varnish in shade 6 Notorious. It is so hard to photograph and do it justice,  in these photos it looks more greeny grey but in some lights it is has a purpley blue sheen to it. It is like more complex Dusky Mauve almost, I think it is gorgeous and just had to have it, at only £4 it was hard to resist. The first coat was pretty streaky but it is fully opaque in two which is good, the varnishes don't have the best brushes I have ever used, but to me the colours make up for that.

I had to experiment and see what it looked like with a bit of Matte top coat on top, I liked the results! I can't report on tip wear yet as I managed to ruin them right after painting but I will let you know :)

Hope you had a good weekend,



  1. I'm dying to get my hands on some Accessorize nail polishes, that looks like a great colour. :)

  2. this is a gorgeous color! i love how dark it is. :) i am really excited to be getting the dusky mauve!

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  3. Great color! Perfect for this time of year.

  4. That really is a great color! Awesome post! Following and supporting :)

  5. Lovely colour! Would look great mattified! xo


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