Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Accessorize Blushers- It is love

I know the blogs have been awash with the Accesorize range but I still wanted to share my thoughts on some of it. I am lucky that a few superdrugs near me are stocked up on the whole range so I had lots to choose from. I ended up buying 3 ( yes 3) of the 4 blushers, and the Mac mean green nail varnish dupe in Aztec for HP. I cannot wait to go back to pick up some of the stunning eye shadows they have on offer, the colours and pigmentation are amazing, I just couldn't decide which ones I wanted, I know I definitely have to get the Mac Club/MUA dupe that is a gorgeous earthy and brown. Not everyone has loved the packaging but I think it is fab for the price range it sits in, not flimsy or too cheap looking, I think the butterfly motif is perfect for the range.

My first love just now is blusher, I never even used to wear it and then BAM, now I own a million of them, buying 3 at a time clearly doesn't help, but at only £5 each for 8g of product it is tempting to resist. Particularly when I could see a use for each of the shades I picked up....

Left to Right in the Swatches:

Starlet- Is a hot pink with gorgeous gold veining that on the cheek is a stunning bright pop of colour, with the gold giving a healthy glow from within type feel- cheesy but true. Youthful almost dewy finish is perfect for wintry cheeks and I have been wearing this one non stop since I got it. I think this one comes top for me.
Pretty Pink- Is a really light pink with lilac and silvery veining. This one I got to use more as a highlight and for wearing under blush. It gives a really stunning glow without being mega 'disco face' .This is a great to have for the festive season, and just helps the light hit the face where you want.
Diva- Is a  warm toned deep red mixed with a lighter pink which gives a really rosy cheek with a hint of a glow, I use this one with a light hand to get a nice autumnal look that feels more grown up than the others.


The pigmentation of these baked/merged blushers is fantastic, I really am in love with them for the price and for what you get. Staying power is really good and application is smooth and really blendable. I don't have any cons to these at all really! Here are two of them to show you  ( applied pretty Aunt Sally style so I could show them off fully on the skin!)

Yes in these I have two different blushers on, you can't see the difference in them as much as I would like but diva is here on the right  the much redder of the two, starlet is much more cool toned and pink.

Excuse the rest of my shiny face, I had been at the gym earlier on! On the lips is the Inglot lip duo I promised a snap of in action.

Have you raided the Accersorize collection yet?



  1. I'm in love with the blushers. I bought diva and it's just perfect. Starlet looks incredible xx

  2. Those colors are gorgeous!

  3. you are gorgeous, my new friend! I love blush! I have had my MAC blush (the shade is Frankly Scarlett) for seven years. That sounds really gross, but the thing has LASTED. I wear it every single day and I haven't even scratched the surface of the color! It's a deep pigment that you only need a littttle bit of. Makeup is so fun!

    p.s. when I first saw your blog name, I thought H2T meant "Hot to Trot." In the South, where I'm from, that phrase means "A woman who is FABULOUS." And you ARE!

  4. they are so pretty! you really suit rosy cheeks, you look lovely! :) xx

  5. These blushers are lovely, L picked some items up from range and did a review on blog. I have since gone and got some of the nail polishes as well.

    I really like the range for the price, I like the look of the starlet blusher on you.

  6. Very pretty colors! I haven't tried these, but they are gorgeous! xo


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