Thursday, 21 October 2010

Just another Barry M Instant Nail effects post

I know, I know, the world and its wife have been posting their thoughts on the Barry M instant  nail effects (from now on I shall call it.... BMine- I quite like that!) polish and you are probably all sick of hearing about it. I had to try it though so bolted to my Superdrug to try and sniff one out for me and HP, I was a lucky girl as there was only 2 left and I managed to snap them up in the 2 for £5 deal- WHOOOOP!

I am currently loving trying it out over pretty much any polish, above it is quickly slicked over a little No7 coconut ice, it was ok but I didn't love it, today I have it over a Ciate Red- photos to follow, which I am loving the Gothic effect of, and from what I have seen on other blogs it looks pretty darn fresh over pastel shades.

Now this is actually not new to me, if my memory serves me correctly back in the 90's I think it might have been Max Factor ( could be very wrong!) brought out a range of a few colours that did this, I had them in purple and blue and I remember buying them for a friends birthday, it was a long time ago but I know I was so excited, however the effects were no where near as instant and defined as with this one. I would love Barry M to do these in other shades so you could play around with it.

For anyone who has not got or heard of this yet, keep in mind the effects change with your application, a thin coat gives small crackles and a thick coat gives larger gaps making it more blocky. What ever way you like it, just be sure not to overlap when applying or it will go all wrong.

I think it is a love it or loathe it product but for now it is livening up some old polishes I was unsure what to do with, and I think I just like sitting watching it crack...

Crack addict!



  1. i dunno if i'm a 'crack' addict - kinda' looks like 5 day old nailpolish and it needs to get redone, ya know?

  2. totally- i think that is why I am using it just now, as my nail varnish always ends up looking like that so I can cover it up this way :) xx

  3. No Barry M here but I've seen this on a few blogs and love the look!

  4. i kinda like it. it's going to end up like that anyway and this is far more finished! and kinda halloweeny too :)



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