Friday, 22 October 2010

It's Friday and We Heart It

RAIN! this morning there was the heaviest rain in the world, we are talking Ark potential.

 Scottish weather never fails to amaze me. I am hoping the weekend is not quite as grim! I am excited for the next few days, having a glorious night in with HP with a little of her Mammas cooking ( dream food!) and then tomorrow is my anniversary, well we have two confusingly, thanks to me refusing to actually commit for a whole year- but as of tomorrow it will be two years with the other half...bless!And I have left the whole thing to him, he is planning something and I am looking forward to it what ever it may be.

If you are reading this Alistair- IT BETTER NOT BE A MEAL IN SUBWAY.

Ahem, sorry about that. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Much love,



  1. I hope you have a good weekend :)

  2. Hope you are having a lovely weekend and your two year anniversary was amazing!


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