Thursday, 21 October 2010

Ciate Dangerous Affair and BMine for fun

As I said earlier, I was sporting the BMine over a dark red and was enjoying the weird Gothic vibe it has going on. But aside from that wanted to point out the gorgeous Dangerous Affair from Ciate that is free this month with Marie Claire. This is my first experience of their varnishes, but I wanted to try them out for ages as they always seem to have the most gorgeous shades. I loved the consistency of this, hard to explain but it just goes on like a dream, not too thick and heavy to spread but not runny so you have to load the brush, just the right amount comes off. Excuse the terrible days old snap of it but just wanted to show the colour off. Then a slick of the 'crack' just for fun and to cover all the peeling. 

I want to try out some of their pastel shades now- damn bank balance. If you haven't picked one up yet I highly recommend it, for 3.50 its great and the magazine aint half bad either!


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