Friday, 8 October 2010

Award time

The very wonderful Katie from Fashions Maven gave me this really sweet award, I am so excited thank you Katie! If you have never gone to her blog you so have to, she is an absolute delight and such a dedicated blogger- she puts me to shame.
Here are the rules:

1. Post this award (and the icon) on your blog.

2. List 3 things/people that inspire you.

My dearest Mairead who continues to amaze me  and make me smile everyday

My friends, for going off and discovering the world, for trying new things, for working really hard and making such successes of themselves and for letting me be there for the journey.

My boyfriend Ally for being a very strong person, for learning from the things life has thrown at him and for me a very patient, kind person. ( who seems to love to do the dishes!)

3. Award 5 (or more) other blogs that you believe are an inspiration for others.

Carrie at This free Bird

4. Let these bloggers know they won this award.

Thanks again Katie, you are too sweet.

Sorry for being so quiet. HP had her op on Wednesday and I was a ball of nerves and emotion to be honest. there wasn't even time for a top tip. But everything went really well and the surgeons were happy, now I just want to see her. Only a couple more days until I can!



  1. Thank you so much for the award missus, youre too kind :) Im loving the Team Mairead badges, what a great idea! Oh, and on the whole freelance thing... I'd bloody love a full time contract and a plastic id badge rather than a paper one and having to use fobs every time im in! :( our paths have probs crossed before and we wouldnt even have known it! x

  2. You're so welcome, good to hear from you :) So glad the surgery went well - keep us updated on how shes doing!


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