Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Top Tip Tuesday

Continuing on my bid to bring the spa to my home I decided to give steaming my face a try. I have been doing it the past couple of weeks and found it has helped a lot so wanted to share it as my top tip, is it such a cheap and effective way to help get rid of spots, black heads and whiteheads I wish I had thought to trying it our sooner!

There’s more than one way to deep clean your pores, but steaming is perhaps one of the simplest and most effective. The heat of the steam increases circulation to your skin, which helps bring nourishment to the outer layers of your face; it also increases the production of sweat, helping your body clear impurities and oils out of your pores. And just as steam does wonders for cleaning surfaces in your home, the steam can help dislodge built-up dirt and grime embedded in your pores, allowing you to simply rinse them away. When steaming the face you open up the the clogged pores and soften the skin so you can cleanse more easily the impurities, the traces of makeup, the dust, the sebaceous secretions as well as the dead skin cells that all contribute to creating more spots and blockages.You can steam your face twice a week without worries and it wont harm your skin.

You can buy a specialized machine that’s made just for steam facials, but a simple bowl and towel will do the trick. The way I do it is to clean my face and get all the makeup off, boil the kettle and (carefully) pour the boiling water into a bowl. I place a towel over my head and keep my face about 12 inches from the bowl to keep the steam focused on my face and then relax and let the steam do the work. There are moments when you can get really hot, I just turn away for a few seconds and then return to my position above the bowl or if it is too much just wait a minute until the water loses some heat, or move your face farther from the bowl. You can instantly feel your face sweating out all the congestion and it feels great!I Stay with it for 5-10 minutes or until the steam disappears and then rinse my face with lukewarm water. If I am not applying any mask after I then just wipe a cotton ball with a toner across the skin and then seal all the moisture in with a good light moisturiser.

A good idea is to add, herbs or oils to enhance your home spa steam experience. As I am suffering from mad spots just now I drop in a little tea tree oil, but general tips to consider is if your skin is oily you can use thyme, peppermint or lemon . For sensitive use chamomile or lime, acne prone try out tea tree or lavender and those with normal skin can use rose, rosemary or lavender, ( even in teabag form if you have them lying around!) When adding essential oils, only add two or three drops, you don't want to irritate your face at all.

Through steaming the high temperature helps the pores to open and this way your body will clear of the toxins and the cosmetic products will reach every skin cell. So after steaming it will be more easily for you to remove the comedones /blackheads, whiteheads/ and the little pimples.If you want to remove the comedones wrap a tissue around your fingers and apply gentle pressure to each side of the comedones. Squeeze them gently but never squeeze violently because it may lead to scarring.  This also means the best time for applying a facial mask is after steaming your face, because the pores are open and mask will be able to penetrate deeply into the skin.

Remember since steaming your face can sometimes dry out your skin, make sure that you apply a good moisturiser after your face is steamed and washed. I have really seen this work and I twinned it with doing a light bicarbonate of soda exfoliation after it, It is a great addition to a routine and helps avoid a buildup of oils and dirt in your pores that could lead to acne and other blemishes.

Try it out tonight, it is so easy and so worth it!



  1. i always say when i drain pasta i get a facial - hahahah

    PS - come visit my first GIVE-AWAY - $45 worth of fabulous! - don't be shy - pass it along! :o)

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. This is awesome. I haven't tried this in years, but am absolutely going to revisit the technique.



  3. Great idea, I love it :)

  4. I REALLY need to try this! Thanks for sharing :) xx

  5. This sounds like a cool and simple idea! I want to try it.
    And LOL to the pasta comment above :) ^


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