Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Top Tip Tuesday

Oily skin is driving me up the wall right now. I am trying out a variety of things to try and keep the grease levels down and help ward off the hideous amount of spots it brings. I have taken to reading everything I can get my hands on to learn more about what causes it and how best to combat it.

One of the things that came up a lot was the power or Mud, yup mud. It is a key element in the fight against greasy skin as it contains Kaolin which is a natural clay that helps draw out impurities from the skin, while still allowing the pores to breath. Masks in general are fab as a once a week or when needed treatment to give the skin a boost. Just be sure to pick the right kind of mask for your skin type:

Oily skin- go for mud or clay formulas
Dry skin- use a more creamy hydrating mask
Sensitive skin- try a light or gel style mask
Combination skin-you might need a blend, a deep cleansing mask for the T Zone and a moisturising type for your cheeks

I went down to Superdrug and picked up a sachet of Mudds original formula to try out and I had to share the results with you all. Mud is definately a top tip from me- I loved this stuff, applied to a clean face slightly damp with warm water, it was easy to smooth on and there was plenty in the sachet to cover my face and neck well.

It is incredibly hard to smile or make any facial expressions when this dries on the skin. The boyf found this hilarious! After 15 minutes you just rinse the mask off with a cloth or in the shower and finish your skin care routine as normal. I was really impressed with the results from this, you can literally see it soaking up the excess oils from your face as it dries and pore dots appear.Afterwards my face felt incredibly clean and fresh, not too dry at all, just soft and clear. I am a total convert to using mud once a week, it is cheap, easy and best of all effective if like me you are oil and spot prone. These little sachets are under a pound and on a 3 for 2 right now so you can mix and match and find one that suits you.

A tip and a review in one this week,I just had to share. It also comes in a great little tube style now that has five or so applications and means you can dab just a little on spots that crop up.



  1. Glad it worked!

  2. Love your Blog, thanks for your comment, I am following as well!



  3. might have to get one of these masks. Lately my skin has been super oily :/

  4. i love face masks ,, great review ,, i dont think ive seen this in my drugstore/supermarket ,, but yay if it works for u ,, xx
    thx for the sweet comment dear xx


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