Friday, 24 September 2010

Rimmel Lash Accelerator

I was bursting with excitement when Superdrugloves told us lucky insiders that we would be trialing a new mascara for them. Mascara to me is like a proper addiction, I have rubbish short stubby lashes that constantly make me scream at them, willing them to grow into mega, long, false looking beauties. Now I know that in the ads all the models are wearing false lashes and then they alter them to look like big luscious lashes using computer effects, but that hasn’t stopped me wanting to look like that anyway

Enter Rimmels new Lash Accelerator Mascara to my life, promising me the world with its grow lash complex. About this new wonder wand, Rimmel Say:

Lash Accelerator Mascara is our first mascara that actually helps to promote the natural growth of beautifully long, remarkably strong lashes. Instantly, your lashes look up to 80% longer, but then after 30 days of continued use, they’ll appear up to 117% longer! Our exclusive GROW-LASH complex, features Procapil® which works to strengthen lashes’ roots and also contains natural lash enhancing ingredients such as, biotin, keratin, and bamboo extract which help to reinforce, restore and moisturize your lashes.

High claims indeed, I was really looking forward to the challenge and seeing if it can live up to its name. I am going to use the mascara every day for the 30 days and take some snaps along the way and see if there are any changes. Keep your eyes on the blog to see my 10 day, 20 day and my final 30 day reports.

Day 1:

I loved the eye catching packaging of this, the sleek black with the shock of colour on the lid and writing, it looks really funky in the make up bag. On first inspection I instantly loved the long brush, I find mascaras with a wand like this much easier to get right into my little lashes hiding in the inner corner, The tapered rubber wand also gives me the flexibility I need to wiggle the brush root to tip and get a good coat on the lash but still giving me enough control that I don’t end up with product all over my lid.

The consistency is quite wet which is better than anything dry and flakey but it does mean you have to be more careful not to get it everywhere,I found mine settled a little after using it a couple of times and letting the air get into it. I received mine in brown/black which I never usually buy but the colour on this is really dark so I can only imagine how good a black the black one actually is!

I loved what this mascara did to my lashes after only one application, who knows what it will do in 30 but just as a great day to day mascara this one is definitely the best I have tried in so long. It made my lashes look super long and clump free, I could not stop trying to catch a glimpse of them in things, spoons, glass, any shiny surface- I wanted to ogle my fluttery lashes. I totally recommend picking up one of these and at the moment it is on offer in Superdrug for only £6.99, a real bargain as in my eyes it out performs a lot of more expensive ones I have bought.

We will see if it helps the little stubby lashes grow over the 30 days but to see the contrast here are my peepers pre and post lash accelerator.

Don't you just love creepy eye shots?

Any one else given this mascara a go?



  1. That looks incredible...though feel I'm still very much sold on my Benifit one. I found L'oreal do some really good mascara...


  2. I'm using my Sephora Pure mascara ($8) but maybe I'll try this when I run out!

  3. Looks great so far! Cant wait to hear more :)

  4. Wow! Its really made a difference :) Haha love the first picture, your lashes look FAB there too missus :p I change mascara every time I buy a new one, so I'll maybe need to try this out xx


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