Sunday, 5 September 2010

No 7 Nails in Matte and Damson Dream

I am LOVING that it is voucher season in Boots. For those not in the UK, Boots is our main pharmacy style store and make up emporium and often they do a deal that if you spend over £5 you get a £5 voucher to spend on their own no 7 range or Ruby and Millie range. I am obsessed by the vouchers and always choose now to go in and get a load of toiletries I need and buy them in bundles so I get lots of vouchers.

Then the fun part. Treating myself to new nail varnishes, brushes or eye shadows. 2 of the things I have picked up is their new Matte Top Coat which is limited edition and I have been really impressed with it, super fast drying, and it is long lasting unlike some of the cheaper mattes I have tried. I am still not totally sure if I love it or loathe but I am enjoying experimenting with for sure. I also got Damson Dream as I loved the deep jewel tone to it, I had to try them out together and see how they got on......

Not bad at all I think. And with the vouchers I only spent £1.75 on each of them, bargain! I am looking forward to trying it out on more colours.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend,



  1. i love that nail color! it will be perfect for fall. :) it's amazing how much the matte top coat changes the appearance of the polish. either way, your nails look fabulous!


  2. Beautiful color!

  3. That's a great tip on the vouchers, I usually forget all about them and they end up expiring before i get round to using them but I should really think of all the savings I would make if I paid attention! x


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