Friday, 17 September 2010

It's Friday and We Heart It

It is going to be a good weekend, you know why... my HP is kicking cancer in the Ass. We found out this week that one of her tumours has shrunk hugely which is so so good. She is getting her op soon, and then she can start to mend and get back to health. I am so proud of everything she has come through, I was a bit of a weeping mess at work when we found out the latest news.

We are going to celebrate by seeing Avatar on Saturday, well excited as I missed it the first time and I really want to see it on a proper big screen. Tonight the boyf is making a chinese style curry which I am greedily excited about, going to stuff my big face oh yes.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Much Love
A very proud,


  1. thought will be with u and ur friend @ this time! .. have fun @ Avatar, i didn't see it on the "big screen" i couldn't imagine sitting in those seats for 4 hours ..

  2. Oh, congrats to HP! That is SUCH amazing news!

  3. That first picture is beautiful :)
    Good luck with everything!

  4. great pictures, as always! i am so happy for you and your friend! i'll keep you guys in my thoughts. i am so glad she is recovering! :)

    have a wonderful time seeing avatar! i have never seen it, but i heard it was good!


  5. Pleased about the good news! And beautiful images, I hope it was a really good weekend x


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