Friday, 10 September 2010

It's Friday and We Heart It


And I love for keeping me entertained!It has been a mega busy week here, work has actyually been v busy and after tonight I wil have had 3 different groups of people over for dinner! it has been amazing catching up with lots of people, tonight will be fun as a few of my lovely school friends are coming over for a takeway and a catch up. Really looking forward to seeing them. Then tomorrow my little baby ( well 18 year old) brother is move to my city to come to uni- UNI! When did he get that old?! I am offf to help him move in, he has always pitched in and helped me move over the years so it is only fair to help him out. I also just want to go and nose about his new flat mates.

Then Saturday night is the mega event, a sleepover with HP, x factor, bad films, food and facemasks. Hello! She has gotten her date for her op, not long to go now and it all seems like a whirlwind. She is such a trooper and soon it will all be over. I could not be prouder.
I hope everyone has had a fab week and the weekend is even better,

Much love,


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