Friday, 3 September 2010

It's Friday and we heart it!

The weekend is upon us, thanks We heart it for making it a good Friday. I have had a mega busy week, been with HP at the hospital stuffing my face and being a general pain and been doing my last Superdrug challenge. I put all my effort into this last one which saw me receive a humongous 2 boxes filled with goodies,s o shared them out with some people to review. I would be eternally in your debt if you could take a couple of seconds to review them, here and here. There is a last post that hasn't made it up yet, it is reviewing some amazing Bloom cosmetics that I was sent.

Off to see my HP just now and then tidy up my flat which I have neglected all week, the boyf sis is coming tomorrow so it must look ship shape.

Hope everyone is good,



  1. Gorgeous eye makeup! Wish I could do that kind of stuff. :P

  2. Hope all is well and HP is doing ok. Off to check your posts!


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