Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Top Tip Tuesday


Bananas are not usually my bag when it comes to snacks.Although I know it should be something I reach for as they are rich in essential potassium and vitamins A,B,C and E. They have caught my eye now that I have read a little about the beautifying potential they hold: tryptophan, a rich amino acid known to be extremely beneficial for hair and skin. So read on for things to try with your lunchbox staple tonight!

Pamper Dry feet

Ripe bananas are a common household remedy to treat dry feet . Apply the pulp of ripe banana on the dry and cracked area of your feet. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash with warm and cold water alternatively. The results are really amazing, you will experience soft and supple feet just by one application.

Acne, blemishes and pimples

Bananas are anti-bacterial in nature and are excellent in treating skin blemishes, acne and pimples. The antioxidants and vitamins in bananas restore collagen in the skin and are useful for anti-aging skin too. Make a mix by mashed bananas with a tablespoon of milk, a pinch of nutmeg, a tablespoon of oatmeal and apply it on a clean face. Wash it once it is completely dry. Regular use helps to deal with acne, blemishes and pimples to a great deal.

Help Dry Eyes

Eating a banana every day can be very useful, if you suffer from dry eyes. Since bananas are very rich in potassium, they help to control the balance of sodium and release of fluid in your cells, which results in preventing dry eyes. Simply eat banana a day and get rid of dry eyes.

Dandruff , frizzy and dry hair

If you have dry, frizzy hair or flaky scalp, and dandruff then banana hair mask is just for you. With regular use the banana hair mask can increase the moisture content of your hair, smooth frizz, and soothe your itchy scalp immensely. Make a mix by using 2 to 3 tablespoons of honey and 2 to 3 ripe mashed bananas. Before applying the mask wet your hair in the shower to provide moisture. Next, apply the mask over your hair making sure to massage the mix into each strand, the roots, and your scalp.

After application wrap your hair in a towel, plastic wrap, or a shower cap and allow the mix to saturate your hair for at least thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, rinse, shampoo, and condition as usual.

For those with Dry Skin

Bananas are rich source of Vitamin A and Potassium, and they are very good at softening and hydrating the skin. Take a ripe or over ripe banana, and mash it in a bowl. Add a spoon of granulated sugar to the banana mash. Apply this mix to your face and hands. Banana mash works as an excellent exfoliate scrub and moisturizer for buffing away dead skin. It is a very effective and cheap natural remedy.

Basic Mask

Mash a banana with a fork until creamy, add a little honey if needed pat onto the face and rinse after 10-20 minutes with warm water for an easy but stunning glow to the skin. Splash with cold water afterwards to tighten those pores up.



  1. These are all amazing ideas! I'm going to try it as a hair mask. Thanks for the tips!


  2. I'd never heard most of these! Great tips!

  3. I freaking love bananas and sometimes I crave them...given all the health benefits you included here it makes sense!! crazy!

    I've never done the banana mask, but perhaps I need to try this asap.


  4. Right, you've sold me! More bananas on the shopping list this week! Who would have thought they had so many beneficial and beautifying uses. I especially like the tip for frizzy hair, since I have been blessed with this! x


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