Wednesday, 11 August 2010

It's Sunday and We Heart It

I am annoyed with myself, I was so organised and made my we heart it post on Thursday to post up on Friday when i was knee deep in boxes, but then I was sooooo knee deep on Friday I couldn't even post it. Better late than never! So here I am, sore, tired but now completely moved house and sitting writing this soaking up the amazing view in my new pad. It has been a mental few days, 15 hours of moving and flights of stairs and then unpacking and flat packing, sigh.

I cannot wait to show you the new beauty drawers I bought, it is my dream come true, yay! So I have to get it just perfectly organised before I show it off! I hope everyone else had a great less stressful weekend!

Much love



  1. Glad you got moved ok! Can't wait to see your new organization :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing your beauty drawers! Love the first photo of the perfect lips!

  3. congratulations on your new place! i can't wait to see what your beauty boxes look like! :)


  4. Gorgeous photos!! Love the hot pink lips!

    Hope you come visit and follow my blog.


  5. Glad the move went well, hope you get settled nicely!


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