Friday, 6 August 2010

It's Friday and We Heart It!

I am so bad right now not updating this enough. I am mega busy with work, and getting ready to move and working on my Superdrug stuff. If anyone has a moment and wants to be an angel feel free to read and rate my 2 latest posts here and here for the current challenge. Thank you!

It is the Boyfs birthday tomorrow and I am actually really looking forward to giving him his secret pressies and making it a really nice day. He works so hard and puts up with all my crazy so totally deserves it. It is also my oldest friend in the world Shabbas birthday today, Happy Birthday Bean! I hope it is weekend full of fun and love for them both.

I am totally dreading next week, we move the weekend after this so going to be surrounded by boxes and packing and trying ot get organised. Stress! Worse of all I actually have to attempt to pack up make up mountain, now that will be a challenge :) Thanks to for getting me in the weekend mood.

Have a really wonderful couple of days everyone,



  1. great photos! come follow me xoxo

  2. Good luck with moving! Checking out the posts now :)

  3. i hope you're hanging in there lady. how did the bf like his pressies? did you see that ring giveaway over at style obsession.

    gah moving is the pits.

    throw everything out except the shoes and start anew. there's an idea.



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