Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser Review

Kylie Minogue, never been my bag music wise or fashion wise. But if there is one thing I can tell about her ( surgery aside) is that she has incredible soft looking skin. A little while ago I read in a magazine that Ponds Cold Cream cleanser is her secret.- now you know me, tell me a celebe rubs dog poo on her face and I will follow suit.....(I am not actually that bad!)

So of course I trotted right on down to Superdrug to get a little piece of the action, as this was not the first time I have heard of this being something worth trying out I had to try out this cheap cleansing cream. It cost me about £3.50 has that simple packaging that might look a little like something on your grans old dresser, but I kind of like that in a nostalgic way. I usually use face wipes and then a face wash to take off my makeup and clean my skin but recently i have become more interested in good skin creams and different products. This one you dip your fingers into the jar and apply to the face and wipe it round the face and off with cotton pads, something I wasn't sure about as I didn't know how clean I would feel.

I was totally wrong, this thickish cream in the little frosted pot leaves a gorgeous, silky almost expensive feel to my face and cleanses it really well and gives it a good moisture boost at the same time. I am excited to carry on with it and see how it goes on my skin.
The amazing lipglossiping may just have read something similar as just yesterday she had a review on the light day version of the cream and I am definitely going to pick it up to try as I would love a lighter version to wear on the skin as a barrier against the daily grime of life our poor skin faces.
A rave review from me people!

Much love



  1. Great review!

  2. I'm thinking I may have to try this now. That KM does have some porcelain like skin now...I might not do dog poo, but this could be a distinct possibility. hehe

  3. Agreed... Good Stuff too - Not a huge fan of the moisturisers after tho jmo!


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