Friday, 16 July 2010

It's Friday and We Heart It!

Can you tell I am in the mood for jumping in a pool? I must be thirsty...

Thanks for helping me while away Friday work hours. This weekend is filled with some quality time with my darling HP who just sent me a photo of what can only be described as a DREAM. A lovely nurse brought her a little package of stuff left over from a looking good feeling better conference run through her hospital. I am so so happy for her, look at all the amazing goodies, can't wait to go and play with them and try them out on her. There is no one else in the world who deserves treats like this, I am so pleased :)

Tomorrow hopefully going to sign a lease on a new flat so will be moving in an month, and then out to see HP followed by dinner for a friends birthday. Sunday I need to work on my latest Superdrug challenge, creating summer looks with the amazing selection of Rimmel and Bourjois Make up they sent. I also plan on fitting in some well needed sleep!

Hope it is a fun few days for all,

Much Love,



  1. Have a great weekend! So glad your friend got a package of goodies, that's so nice :)

  2. Have a wonderful weekend, my dear! Look forward to hearing all about if you get a second stop by and check out the Cupcake Challenge. It's hilarious and this little cupcake would LOVE to visit Scotland!!


  3. Hope you two had a lovely time playing with it all- picturing that is making me smile...Loving the photos too, I'll join you in one of those pools soon hopefully xxxx

  4. these images are beautiful!!!

    very sensual!


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