Monday, 19 July 2010

Goodies Galore!

So as I posted on Friday, the gorgeous HP received an amazing set of goodies from a nurse so i dashed there on Friday to delve in and try it all out with her. She was so happy with it all, it had so many amazing brands and brushes in it, there was so much to go through!

Without further ado I give you the bag of dreams......

And inside..... Look at all the goodies- YAY!

I was so happy for her, seeing her so happy and excited it is incredible just like her. Being the ever generous BFF she even let me walk away with a mac skin tint as it wasn't right for her. SWOOOOON!

She has had a change to her chemo this week to a tough one that really tires her out, it also means she has been in hospital longer than normal which is a pain, can't wait for her to get home and get pampering with all her new things.

So to cheer you up before bed my dear HP, here is a little snap of our beloved Snooki, and a pickle,




  1. I am sorry your friend is having a tough time ~ I bet visits from a good friend like you perk her right up! xo

  2. Ooo, nice bag of goodies! Hope HP is feeling better soon :)

  3. oh helllo mac!!!!

    love it!

  4. I really wish your friend all the luck in the world! And what better way to cheer her up....I might have fainted if I had recieved that goodie bag :-) xxxx


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