Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Couture and Craft for a Sunday

Hp got out of hospital a day early this time round which meant we were able to hit this amazing vintage and craft fair we have visited before in a huge converted church that is a bar now. It is so lovely inside and has loads of room for loads of people to put up stalls selling everything from couture gowns to buttons. We love rummaging around and there are usually amazing jewellery stalls to look at. A little photo heavy post to give you a feel of the fun!

The upstairs this time round was taken over by William Vintage who are a London based company specialising in rare vintage pieces and couture and this was their first ever sale here in Scotland and it was INCREDIBLE. See the snaps for some of our favourites but the collection was truly incredible and the man himself William Banks- Blaney was so lovely and telling us about things we were looking at. It was incredible to be around and touch pieces like this, I was so jealous of the people who could afford to actually buy some of the stuff he had on offer!

The amazing upstairs William Vintage section

Rails of amazing designer dresses

an amazing Dior gown that i was nervous even being near! (James here demonstrating those nerves!)

A beautiful Carrie Bradshaw -esque couture pale blue dress.

An actual Herve Leger, in the flesh! *Squeal*

What a pretty setting for a vintage fair!

All the stalls waiting to be shopped.

One stall that really caught my eye this time round was this one selling incredible home screen printed tights, she had the most amazing designs and they were such good quality, I had to share them with you, aren't those moustache ones amazing!? Check out the guys at tights for sore eyes for more info, and get some original art on those stamps of yours :)

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Much Love,


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