Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Zara Taylor Jewellry

Writing this blog means at times I get to speak to and discover work of some people I never would have otherwise and I am really thankful for that.

Recently I have come across of the amazing designs of Zara Taylor and I just had to share them with you. Zara has been so lovely answering my questions and talking me through her work so thanks Zara for taking time out from the current whirlwind to talk to me.

A mother of two, Zara only decided around 7 months ago just to go for it and follow her dream of desgining jewellry and since then due to her quality original designs her career has really taken off. On getting started Zara told me :

I gradually got more confident as Igot lovely comments from customers then decided to send Fearne Cottonsome jewellery and she wore them nearly everyday for the first month!I would see her on Celebrity Juice on ITV2 wearing my jewellery which then gave me the confidence to set my own website.

Fearne wore one of Zaras designs constantly and was snapped everywhere with it!

After a few weeks Vogue found my website and wanted to feature one of my designs in their summer issue.

Vogue! Actual Vogue, an incredible achievement for new work and so exciting for Zara, I adore the necklace Vogue has chosen for their issue but her website and facebook pages have so many more that I have fallen in love with...

very SATC!

I think this one may be my absolute favourite!

I just to get her story out there as I think there are so many things people think they might want to do one day but never give it a go and Zara is proof that you can make it happen.

Inspiring people to live their dreams is really important to me as we all need some motivation to get started. I think if I can do it anyone can:)

I love independent sellers and feel they need coverage as it is all too easy to always just nip into primark and buy cheap throw away jewellry but I would always look to people like Zara or some of the amazing talented sellers on etsy and folky for real handcrafted stuff that will have people asking oooh where did you get that!?

I would totally recommend taking a look at her stuff and quicksmart, it is not often we get to be ahead of the Vogue pack :)

Thanks Zara for taking time out to chat and good luck with all those exciting ventures you have lined up!

Much Love,



  1. Beautiful pieces!

  2. Now, which one to buy first...

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that jewellery! So up my street!

  4. That picture of Fearne is her profile pic on twitter. Well done Zara the range is so so pretty, please keep us up to date with any other new brands you find :-)

    N x


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