Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wear It/Work It OOTD HOTD!

Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Hair Bow Clip: H+M

It has been an AGE since I last did one of these, and seeing as good camera is down it is miracle I even managed to capture this! I didn't even get as far as putting my shoes on, oh well. Picked this up for £12 in DP the other week and it is quickly becoming one of my comfy favourites, coll for summer and the lace shoulder and back I think looks really fresh. I can mix it up with wearing with a belt and it is long enough to wear without leggings under neath if it ever happens to get warmer here :)

I have my hair in my usual lazy girl style, Just popped it in pigtails over night and very quickly ran my fingers through it this morning, through in the adorable little black leather hair grip to get the fringe off my face and I think it works ok. Well bar the silly look on my face.

Accessories wise I am sporting my favourite my Pierre Cardins mens watch, I adore wearing a mans watch with a girly outfit I think it gives it a good edge, plus I have crap eye sight so it makes it much easier to see the time.

Happy Humpday H2Ters

Much Love,



  1. LOVE tha hir clip - i'm a HUGE fan of them! - u look beyond adorable with it!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. Love your outfit!


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