Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Top Tip Tuesday

The Aspirin Face mask- Cheap and effective.

I tried this for the first time not that long ago and loved the results on the skin so thought it was perfect for a top tip using stuff you might already have lying around. Make sure you go and buy proper aspirin from the shop, I got mine in boots for a around 20p for the box, bargain. Also make sure it is the cheap stuff, totally uncoated and not paracetamol, it won't work as it is the salicylic acid found in aspirin that makes this work.

I wouldn't use it too much without giving it a break, you could irritate the skin but for anyone with acne, or spot prone skin. Or anyone with little blighters you want to bring to a head before you pick the hell out of them! If you are allergic to aspirin, do not go rubbing this on your skin, and don't rub too hard as you don;t want to scratch your pretty face :)

Follow these easy steps and give it a try..

1. With the bottom of a spoon, crush 4-5 non-coated aspirin in a small dish or bowl.

2. Add a tiny bit of warm water and mix the aspirin powder into a thick paste, it really is just a trickle of water you need to make it paste like.

3. Mix a little bit of local honey into the paste. Honey is a natural emollient and anti-microbial which has been used for centuries to calm problem skin. Honey also helps to work in the powerful benefits of the aspirin's salysilic acid into the skin, the active ingredient which sloughs off dead skin cells and heals blemishes. I have also experimented with just mixing with a little olive oil and it works well too, so don;t be afraid to experiment.

4. Apply to face and spread the paste out as a mask, avoiding the eye area. Gently rub the aspirin granules into the skin. This exfoliates the dead skin cells responsible for clogging sebum in the pores, which cause spots in the first place.

5. Wait 10-20 minutes. Wash the mask off with warm water and pat dry your face. Then follow up if you like with a good moisturiser that will soak in well,

You will hopefully notice in a few hours an improvement in the clarity of your skin, less redness and a reduction in the size of spots, it worked well for me. So worth giving a try if you have used lots of fancy face creams to try and clear the skin up.

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  1. I need to try this!

  2. I have never heard of this. Thanks so much for the detailed write-up b/c I would like to give it a try over the summer to exfoliate and keep my skin fresh. Very interesting!!

  3. omg, I've never ever heard of this - what an interesting idea, think I'll definitely have to give it a wee go!

    a x

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  4. How interesting!! Thanks! :)

  5. ahahaha on the Balmain...and I really feel for Mairead. It's the least I could do for another human being. :) Thank you for encouraging us to find her. xo

  6. wow, i never thought of putting aspirin on my face! i'll have to try it sometime. thanks for sharing! :)



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