Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Top Tip Tuesday

It’s the recession ladies and gents, something we are all too aware of, so with purse strings tightening we need beauty products that don’t break the bank and are versatile. So for my first Top Tip Tuesday I have gone for a product that meets these needs. Its in your cupboards, you use it cooking, now it is time to pretty much bathe in it.

Meet your new BFF- Olive Oil.

Its kitchen cupboard beauty at its best.

Use it in what ever form you have lying around...
  • Extra virgin – considered the best, least processed, comprising the oil from the first pressing of the olives.
  • Virgin – from the second pressing.
  • Pure – undergoes some processing, such as filtering and refining.
  • Extra light – undergoes considerable.

And use it for a whole range of beauty needs:

Cuticles and nails: If your cuticles are ragged and your nails brittle and dry, olive oil can help! Soak nails for 30 minutes in a small cup of olive oil.

Hands and Feet: Smooth on a generous amount of olive oil before bed, put on white cotton gloves, and go to sleep. Your hands will be softer and smoother in the morning! Rub olive oil into dried and cracked feet every evening then cover them with socks before retiring. Soon, you will have soft, younger-looking feet with skin that is far more supple and healthy looking.

Lips: To soothe and smoothe dry, chapped lips, dab on a little olive oil.

Hair treatment: This helps repair split ends, heals dandruff, and makes your hair shiny, silky, and lustrous. Massage a few tablespoons of olive oil into scalp and hair. Cover hair with a plastic bathing cap and leave on for 30 minutes or more, then shampoo as usual. If you suffer from frizzy hair, olive oil may tame your unruly locks. Olive oil can also help with split ends and dandruff, so put a few drops on your hair when it's dry to eliminate the frizz.

Skin: Massage a small amount of olive oil into skin whenever you need softening and moisturizing. Apply extra oil to rough or cracked areas. It's rich in squalene, a natural organic compound and emollient that penetrates the skin, and won't leave a greasy film on it.

Bath: Add several tablespoons of olive oil to your bath, along with a few drops of your favorite essential oil, to soothe and nourish your skin.

Brushes: This is a great trick for keeping bristles soft and regularly clean, just to brush them over a little olive oil on a bit of cloth or kitchen towel.

Scrub: Use a paste of olive oil and salt or sugar as an all-over body scrub.

Make Up: Use a little olive oil on a cotton bud/ Quip to take your makeup off. It's as good as any shop bought brand and will condition your delicate facial skin at the same time!

Anti- Aging: Use olive oil as a wrinkle reducing application. Many users swear by olive oil, as a natural way to pamper skin and curb the ravages of aging. Applying a small amount each evening before retiring and apparently it may just delay aging. YAY!

So there you have it, one bottle of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil!) and endless possibilities of how to use it for our beauty advantage, head to toe!

Anyone else got a top EVOO top tip to share?

Much Tuesday Love,



  1. This is so interesting, I cook with olive oil all the time, but never though about putting it on my face. I have to try it now! Great post.


  2. Isn't it amazing how many things olive oil is good for?!

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  3. i've ALWAYS heard about using OO for things - but i dunno if i was scared or what - i LOVE this post hot stuff!!! good lookin' out!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  4. Wow - you can use it for everything! haha Love this post.

    PS - I'm following you too now :) Thanks!

  5. I have used olive oil to remove my eye makeup and it worked wonderfully. Times are tough, girl! ; )


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