Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Razor bumps giving me the hump, no thank you Gillette Breeze!

First off I hate how expensive razor blades are- a total pain! And so this time standing squirming at the hefty price tag I thought, helllllloooo special offer for a brand new razor with 2 blades...

Enter- Gillette Breeze with built in gel bars.

Looks nice, sounds fancy, crap shave.

I have to say it, as I have used a Gillette all my life and now pine for the smooth legs of the simple venus. Yes this is smooth to use thanks to the built in pink bars on top and bottom, but this seems to mean the blades do not get anywhere as close to my skin and hairs as my old one. I love having shiny smooth legs and this one just leaves that rubbish faint feel of stubble that screams :

"if you touch us again in one hour it will be like you never shaved!"

ahhhhhhh. So if you are in the market for a shiny new razor for the bathroom I would skip this particular invention, gel bars are a no in my eyes!



  1. really?? good to know. I have the Venus one and I've thought about switching it up but maybe I'll stick with it ;)

  2. I would definately say that the venus is miles
    better than this. It is only 3.99 at boots at the mo so as a spare it would do but I wouldnt dump the venus just yet :)

  3. I hate shaving more than anything. It's inevitable that I get some sort of mutant reaction from it, ugh! I usually just use my boyfriend's razors - I think they work better than the girl ones, at least for me!

  4. thanks for the review. i have been using cheap razors all my life...they work fine, it's just sometimes they give me little red bumps. i guess i am getting what i pay for! lol.

    cheers to the day we find the perfect razor!



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