Friday, 25 June 2010

It's Friday and We Heart It

FRIDAY! yayyyy thank you we heart for being my Friday distraction :)
I had the nicest night with HP last night, a post on her coming soon so you will finally see the face behind the nickname. She is doing so well, I am so proud and it was lovely just to relax and chat just like we used to. That and we put in a Hp's house for a bbq (fingers crossed the sun shines!) and I am looking forward to it so much.
In other words I finally have bought a new camera, after much help from lovely jamie and my dad I decided on this Fuji bad boy. So fingers crossed, if I can work it, there will finally be some reviews with pics coming your way.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Much Love,



  1. Yay for getting a new camera! Have a great weekend :)

  2. yay yay yay! so thrilled to see you at my blog. can't wait to hear how you're enjoying your new camera! in the meantime - i LOVE the picture selection you posted today. the 2nd picture is especially wonderful - talk about a dream tree house. wow. and the fingers are super cute too!

    hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)


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