Friday, 18 June 2010

It's Friday and We Heart It

The weekend is finally here, and I for one am soooo glad. Thanks to as always for brightening my day.

I hope everyone has grand plans. I am looking forward to hanging out in HP's plush new ward in the Hospital with her and the rest of the gang, ohhhh also getting my hair cut tomorrow... Now I never get anything adventurous done even when I mean to, so basically I will get an inch off and and my fringe chopped but hey! HP has totally inspired me to do it one day though, she wanted to get most of her hair chopped seeing as it will fall out through treatment and she just went ahead and did it, brave and strong and she looks AMAZING, her pixie crop is perfect on her, will ask if I can put a snap on here for you all to see, I just want to show her off!

Much Friday lovin'



  1. i a "chop" type of girl - i get tired of my "style" and go for a drastic change - then i cry for 3 day's - then i love it .. haha

    *kiss kiss*
    Happy Weekend!
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. Oh how I heart Fridays too!! And I wasn't sure this one was ever going to get here ;-) But I'm really lovin' that nail polish! Hmmm... I wonder if my local salon has that color??

    Happy Weekend Dear!

  3. @jen, ooooh let me know if you salon does,I so want to know how it goes on!

    @ erika- you are inspriing, i got to be brave!

  4. Happy Friday! Love that nail color!

  5. these pictures are great! the nailpolish in the third picture reminds me of one i tried on by OPI. i can't remember what the collection was called, something with "crystal" in it. it was super pretty in the light.


  6. that nail varnish is brilliant x


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