Monday, 7 June 2010

Inglot, UDPP, Shake Weight and Winning!

Weekend round up time, all sorts of news to pass on.

First of all, I won that Superdrug comp! I AM SO EXCITED! I get to be a summer insider for them for the next little while, which means doing 6 challenges, I never win things so I was so pleased, thanks everyone who went over to the blog and checked out my posts.

And then today when I come on here I find the adorable Katie at Fashions Maven has given me her very own award, I am so chuffed,and what a fine looking award it is. If you have never checked out her blog you must go and check it out, she is such a loyal blogger and I love her updates.

I spent my weekend in London with my lovely HP, it was so good to be with her after a week and a bit apart, she is being so strong her bravery is the most inspiring thing I have ever had the honour to be around. She is coming home to us so soon, I can't focus at work I am so excited about it! Being in a hops ital with her was better than any weekend in London I could ever plan. Thanks for having me there HP.

Now on the train down I got to do a good read of a million magazines, my favourite thing to do on long journeys and a little thing called the Shakeweight caught my eye in more than one. Now after doing some googling on it and watching the video- it so far does look like a little suggestive, the look of it, the motion...
But looking past it I am still intrigued, I know I am being totally hypnotised by all the shiny ads, and the promise of honed and toned arms like Madonna and SJP. I am fully aware that I could just shake a big ole bag of sugar or my annoying boyfriend for 6 minutes a day and I would get similar results, but I cant be bothered doing that so maybe if I dabble with this, through excitement and intrigue I might actually do arm exercises therefore It will be better than the bingo wings I am rocking at present! So I think I am going to go for it, going for 24.95 on offer in Tesco, they are only 11 on Ebay with free delivery, I think I may take the plunge. Any one tried the Shake Weight yet?

Another thing I am considering buying thanks to the LookFantastic Sale is some UDPP- Finally! I know I am so far behind on this eye lid primer but I think this deal looks pretty nifty, £18.50 for a bigger thank normal 16ml bottle of it along with a little bunch of other popular Urban Decay treats to try out, but I am on a beauty no buying policy so I have to hope this deal is still on when the embargo it over! So if you are in the market for some new UDPP this deal I reckon is pretty worth it.

To buy or not to buy!?

Now last but by no means least was a very exciting find from the weekend, I may be way behind on all this in the blog world but I has anyone else ever heard of an amazing brand called Inglot? A polish brand that has its only UK store in the MASSIVE and wondrous Westfield shopping centre in London. Now I only had 10 minutes in this store- I almost wept, and I didn't have a camera with me so thanks to Addicted to all things pretty and to Clumps of Mascara here are a few pics to show the little slice of make up heaven this shop is!

It was such an affordable range, the shop was like a cosmetic playground, so well put together, samples of everything out to play with, mirrors and MUA to help out, jars of disposable applicators to try everything out and tissues to wipe up your mega swatch hand. I was running from counter to counter, I didn't want to ever leave. It was so affordable too, huge tubs of loose powder foundation that was smooth as silk for £14 nail polishes for a fiver, eye shadows to build your own pallet in, make up brushes, the whole kit and caboodle for around £4- £15 and the quality was fantastic, never mind the lovely packaging and whole shopping experience. I am seriously planning a trip back there just to ransack the place.

Now I know it slightly breaks my beauty buying ban but i needed a new eyebrow pencil so I got one for £6 and I needed a brush cleaner,so I got there huge spray bottle for only a fiver! Review to come, but all I can say right now is if you are ever near by or live near there get your beauty buns in there pronto.

So there you guy, a medley of info for you, let me know your thoughts on it all, hope you guys had a fab weekend,
Much Love


  1. i saw that "shake" thing on Ellen - it has to much humor in it - i wanna get it just so i can bust it out in the middle of a party - everyone would DIE!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. Congrats on winning the Superdrug comp - thats great! Thank you for the kind words as well :)

  3. I really really need to get down to Westfields to check out inglot! It sounds amazing!!


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