Thursday, 10 June 2010

GET BENEFITTING! Free Benefit with Glamour Magazine UK

Now I know this will be all over the blogosphere in hours but I have been waiting for this day for a whole month. When I read the ad in last months glamour I was instantly crossing the days off my work calender. If you buy this Months Glamour for a whole £2 you can get some free Benefit Makeup,

To choose from are:

Benefit Bad Gal, THE kohl for smoky eyes
Benefit Eye Bright, If you want to know about this one see my rave review
Benefit IT Stick- a cover all concealer for hiding lines and blemishes

Now for the Maths.

£6 for all three magazines ( to dish out to others!) = £45 worth of makeup



Now I just have to get to my local shops and see what is all left, and not not been stolen out the packaging! This could become a mad hunt to get all 3 ( or 6 or 9!) oh dear I could go out of control on this............

Happy Freebies!



  1. Oh I wish we had those kinds of deals here!

  2. They are sold out everywhere! Luckly I work in PR and have asked a Glamour journalist to send me a copy :-) just 2 more to get my hands on!

    Have you managed to get them all?

    N x

  3. Nikki- you are so lucky,what one did you get?

    I am a lucky girl as I went into a shop with a fresh box and got 6- 2 of each style....

    so gues what gieaway is coming up,yayyy so keep your eyes peeled!x


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