Thursday, 3 June 2010

Elizabeth Arden * hour cream for lips and hands review

Remember ages ago I told you I was at a vintage and craft fair, well I forgot to tell you of another little unused bargain I picked up there. I got a new Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip protectant balm and the 8 hour intensive moisturising hand treatment for £3 for both of them. Hullllo Bargain!

I have carried around a little tube of regular 8 hour cream for so long now, using it on and off for extreme dry lip or face emergencies, and also for taming mad eyebrows! I remember when I first got the stuff I was surprised, I had heard so much about it I wasn't expecting it to have such a...scent...odour... taste?! But I have to hand it to it, it does the trick when it comes to intense moisture. And these two products do not disappoint, I am just used to carrying my little tube around, I don't love it but it is handy, these however I LOVE!

As you can see here- Panned! I finished it and it feels good, to get all that use out of something- yayyy! Here it is all empty :( it has been soooo good for my lips, and doesn't have a strong distinct taste of smell like its cream counterpart. It does usually retail for around £15 which I cannot currently afford to shell out for it, but if you can I would do it. Your lips will thank you.
Now to the hand cream, I may cry when this ones gone, it is amazing, I say rave review. The moisturising quality is perfect but what I love the most is how quickly and easily it absorbs. I hate hand creams that take too long to sink in and then leave you feeling greasy and really unclean. But this one works a charm and is a joy to put on, I feel it looks classy on my (messy!) dresser and I am so attached to it.
Anyone else use the 8 hour creams and love/hate them?


  1. I think I would love the lip product - Clinique has one called Repairwear Lip & I used to blaze through that tube super fast. It just felt so great and I could use it constantly/anytime!

  2. I love 8 hour cream!! It took a while to get used to the taste/smell but like you I don't know what I'd do without it :D xx

  3. I've heard so much about this - thanks for the review!!

  4. Always looking for good creams.... thanks for the info!


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