Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Bio Oil + Me. A Romance.

I just have to declare to you all who I am in love with. I am sorry Boyf it is not you I look forward to going to bed with, it is my face, coated in a nice layer of bio oil.

I honestly think this stuff has turned my face around in the last year, and I am still only half way through my first ever bottle! I have a terrible time with picking, spots, scab, my nails. You name it and I could probably while away the hours picking at it. Sigh, it has plagued me all my life and it came to a head a year ago with a cheeky little white head that appeared under my eye, near the top of my cheek bone. In a particular face picking rampage I decided this white head was for the off, so I picked the poor thing clean out and what a mess it left my face in, leaving a healing scab that no amount of smoke and mirrors ( foundation and concealer!) could cover. So I had to work hard to leave it to heal, which eventually it did, leaving in its wake a big horrible uneven looking scar.

I was gutted and so annoyed with myself, here was my permanent reminder of how silly I am at not leaving these blemishes in peace. So after years of hearing about bio oil and what it can do for stretchmarks and scars I decided I had to at least try it out and see if in the long term it could help me.

I have never looked back! Honestly this little bottle costing me under a tenner really has changed my face, the scar has faded right now, as have other little scars I had from past picks and I continue to put it on every night as I feel it really evens out my skin tone which has always been a problem for me. I cannot sing its praises enough, I have used it on scars and stretchmarks and with continued and dedicated use it brings cracking results.
It will most likely be a staple on my dresser for years to come, looking wisely down upon all the less effective lotions and potions that will get tried out and chucked in its wake.

In other news I have broken my bloody 9th digital camera and I am in mourning, I loved this casio exilim in a fancy blue and I cannot afford the repair, I might as well face facts ad replace the little beauty. Has anyone got any tips for a decent one that is good enough for blog shots?
Happy Humpday to all


  1. humm i think i "heard" of this stuff - but never used it - and ur saying it's REALLY good, huh?! - .. maybe i'll try it out for ummmm my *shhh* stretch marks .. *ekkk* ..

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. Wow, this stuff sounds amazing! I might have to try it.


  3. I would literally shower in this stuff if it was cheap enough! I LOVE it.


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