Thursday, 6 May 2010

Topshops new make up range and I can't have any!

So it is here, the much anticipated TopShop Cosmetics line is in stores now, after months of rumour and speculating it is here.

The Info:

The collection is focused on colour, rather than complexion with only a skin tint in four shades and a skin glow in two. But it’s the colour where this collaboration - between Topshop and backstage make-up artist Hannah Murray - comes into its own. Everything is just so cool; Hannah has worked with the likes of Mario Testino, Luella Bartley, Danielle Scutt and on numerous Topshop Unique shows. Her style is ‘clean, bold and modern’ and she never likes anything to look too ‘done’.

From the hand drawn designs on the packaging to the carefully edited shades, despite the low prices, these products are for coveting. The textures are also a winner, with cream-to-powder blushers, shimmering bronzers and skin highlighter and creamy lipsticks with look-at-me pigments.

The collection is big enough so that you are guaranteed to find a product or two that you’ll want to take home. The permanent collection has the grey and white packaging, while the spring/summer trend products (limited edition, so be quick to buy them first) are littered with gold stars.

So many things I want to try in particular... ( click the links to see)

Eye shadow in Sunstar £8
Lip Stick in Rosa £7
Blush in Pinch £6
Nail Varnish in Kiss and Tell £5

And so many more than that!

It is affordable and looks stylish so keen to hear some reviews.... Sadly it wont be me doing it for just now as today I had some crushing news in the form of my bank balance, I am not sure where my head went this month, well truthfully I do, it was in a cloud of new makeup and online sales but I have come to a radical decision, no new purchases next month, wise ( a girl needs some treats to get by on!) but I figure I gave up chocolate for 6 weeks for lent and I managed it ( mostly!) so I think I need to be far far more strict for a month and get myself back on track.

So think of me while I weep over your lovely blogs with all your up to date to die for new products :( But fear not I will not by any means be disappearing this is a good opportunity to clear out my drawers and revisit some old favourites and discover some too quickly discarded gems, it may even prompt a blog sale! So wish me luck and help me build a mega June wish list!

Much Love


PS if you are in the UK I hope you have all got yourself down to the polling stations and had your say in our future! I am going after work, now just need to plan my voting outfit :)


  1. Cute packaging! Good luck with your shopping break, you can do it :)

  2. The packaging is SO cute, I don't think I'd be able to resist - shopping break or not, ha ha! I really wish there was a Topshop remotely close to where I am at, so sad!!


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