Thursday, 20 May 2010

Sudocrem your spots!

I just wanted to share what I have been using the past few days as an experiment on a particularly annoying little break out of spots around my chin. I am an awful picker,and luckily until recently never really got many spots, as when I do boy do I pick them, literally making big ugly red mountains out of what was tiny under skin mole hills.

I have a fancy party at the end of next week so I decided I had to try and clear these bad boys up fast before I could really go at them and make them worse, so it has been a good chance to use the sudocrem I have had for the past month bought after reading about it in a magazine. This is a low cost cream meant for cutie little baby tooshes suffering from nappy rash, I however like to lather it on my face until Casper status is reached and I have to say with this little outbreak it really has worked. For the last 2 nights blobs of Sudocrem have really dried out the little blighters and are speeding up the healing process quite a bit, all the redness has gone too. I am really impressed considering what it cost, it used to only come in big tubs which was not very transportable but it handily now comes in little 30g mess free tubes, and mine cost under £2 in Superdrug so well worth experimenting with,, being what it is actually for it is very white and I would only use it as night and wash off the next day, it also has a medicinal smell that some will not like, I however think this means It is really good for you! (logical I am not!)

Just to add I actually have used this other places for dryness and also on the heels of my feet which are always being rubbed and sore and this really helped!

Any one else got little tips for getting rid of breakouts?



  1. I swear by sudocrem! There is always at least two tubs in my house at all times! I use it on spots, ezcema AND burns, which it helps so much. X

  2. Seen this in the "you might also like:" section, I also use this for breakouts and I think it does a fab job! :D x


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