Thursday, 6 May 2010

No 17 Parma Violet Rave Review!

Not the best snaps, it is best seen colour wise in the bottom, but ran out to buy this NO 17 varnish in Parma Violet a couple of weeks ago as loving the pastel nails right now. This one definitely did not disappoint, costs only £3 and right now if you spend over £6 in Boots you get a free adorable nautical tin with a red nail varnish aqua shimmer eye shadow and and eye liner for free! I love the small fat brush in their varnishes, for my nail shape this gives a great even application, I really like the consistency, I find it dries well and lasted around 3 days before chipping and even then it was barely noticeable, I had quite a few people comment on while I had it on.

A rave review from me!



Really appreciate you taking the time to comment, thanks for reading Bx

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