Monday, 17 May 2010

Topshop Nails fit for a Monday

How horribley blue are my hands in these shots? I need some sun on my skin, fast! But if you can take your eyes off my creepy veins, please note the topshop nails in Hopscotch. Now as of Saturday when my new pay came in I am in a no more beauty buying for a month hell ( unless necessity I.e I need shampoo!) but my friend picked this up so of course I had to have a little go to show you all. The varnishes in their new, much talked about range are £5 and I have to say so far I am impressed by its staying power, as it is quite thick I expected it to peel and chip but after 3 days so far it still looks near perfect, I found 2 coats evened it out and left it smooth on the nail. I am definately going to try out some of the gorgeous pastels shades they have ( in a months time!) A little thicker than I like my varnishes to be but the longevity of it makes it worth the fiver on this occasion.

Hope it was a great weekend for everyone,



  1. Haha, I'm on a total beauty-buying diet too! I've gone a little OTT this month, can't stop buying nail polishes :)

  2. thank u for the sweet comment - my b-day really isn't till the 27th .. so i'm not the big 3-0 just yet .. teehee ..

    btw this post reminds me how i painted my toes this dark blue - and since i spilt beer in my shoes - i was walking around all day with Smurf feet - haha


  3. Love the color!


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