Thursday, 13 May 2010

Free beauty sample sizes!

During a period of good old Internet perusing the other week ( ie wasting time at work!) I came across Latest In Beauty.

Now listen up all of you in the UK as you have to try this nifty little service. How it works is you pick 3 sample products, 1 from each category of skincare, makeup+fragrance and hair+body. You place your order, text a number which costs £1 to send ( to help towards P+P) type in the code they send you back and voila, a few days later a neat little box comes through your door with your new products to try out!

It is incredibly simple, you can do it once a month, the products to choose from change and in many cases the sample sizes are a fantastic size! What a great way to try out different things.

This month I plumped for:
  • Mary Kay Timewise Micro dermabrasion set, which is two sets of sachets, each as refine and a replenish portion.
  • The new Issay Miyake Eau de Parfum in Florale, a handy 1ml spray pump
  • A fab whole 21g tube of Mary Kay Time Wise hand and decollete cream.
As I have said before I LOVE miniatures so this whole service is the greatest thing, the handbag sized treats are perfect!

I will let you know what I think of the products, I can already tell you that the perfume is gorgeous,light, summery and romantic. I also ended up with a swipes worth of the new Issay Miyake for men and it as also delicious.

I can't stop sniffing myself :)

Anyone else tried out Latest in Beauty before or know of any other hidden gems?



  1. that would eb sweet if we had something like that in the States *boohoo* to us :o(

  2. This sounds like such a fab idea! I'm going to have to check it out now, I'm a sucker for miniatures too :)

  3. wow! what a cool little program. if they had that in the U.S. i would do it in a second!

    you should let us know if any of the products end up being ones you would buy the full size version of! :)



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