Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Face fit For a Tuesday

Just a little post on the make up I went for this morning. I got my silk naturals bundle the other day ( review to follow) so I am using a couple of their products in place of my usual on this dull Tuesday!

I am still not sure I have got my mix quite right but I have on Silk Naturals mineral foundation that I mixed my self.

a sample of Silk Naturals Eyeliner in Peacock

Mac blush and NYX Blush on top

Max Factor False Lash effect Mascara

And my new Elf Lipstick in Runway Pink (review to come!)
All seems to lasting well and we are 6 hours in and all still in place, we will see how this face holds up against the might of the power plate later!



  1. You are just so darn pretty! Your skin looks fabulous - perhaps this is something I should check out, because mine does not look so fab! And I received your package today and am ECSTATIC! Thank you so, so much! I can't wait to try out and review everything!

  2. You are far too sweet, I can assure you up close you could fall in one of my pores! yayyy so glad you got your prize, hope it is in one piece :)



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