Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Diet Coke Nails

Along with a lot of my fellow bloggers right now, you will know many of us are flocking to stock up on Diet Coke, as right now in Boots if you buy2 bottles of it you get to pick a free Nails Inc nail varnish which usually retails for around £10 a pop.

There are 4 city named colours to choose from:

London- a fab looking greige/ mushroom affair
New York- an electric pink
Milan- a classic bright red
Paris- an intense deep purple

I have been hankering after a nice greige for a while and with a deal on that gets me nail varnish and a mixer for my vodka, I had to take advantage...

My nails are not in the best condition right now but you get the gist. So I knew straight off the bat that London was the one really wanted as the colour is very expensive looking and chic in the bottle and on the nail. The consistency of the polish is quite thick which I find trickier to apply evenly, so it 50/50 as to whether you need 1 or 2 coats depending on well you can apply it to each nail.

I ended up having to double up to even the look out but one coat is dark enough. Longevity wise I would give it a 7/10, I have had it on a couple of days now and there are chips on the tips, but it has lasted really quite well, other Nails Incs I have tried have chipped far too easily but this particular one has worn better.

Over all I am pretty impressed, the colour and current price make it good for me, although due to consistency and application I think if it was its usual price I would probably try out the lower priced brands with similar shades. I will try out the other I have gotten soon so look out for some snaps.

Have you been able to resist the deal!?



  1. Nail varnish and a mixer for your vodka, ha ha! I love it! I wish they were doing that here in the states - we drink Diet Coke like it's water around here, ha!

  2. Love the color!

  3. That is a gorgeous color--love it!

  4. I love that color! I wish we had deals like that here in California!

  5. I know, it is a crazy deal huh? I am definately going to be back for more so I can get the other colours, the other crazy part is in the shop this is in, you get points for everything you buy so all this just means free stuff building up in points AND right now if you spend over £5 say on two lots of the coke deal and an chocolate bar you get handed a £5 voucher to spend on 2 in house make up brands that are amazing, so I pretty much got a free make up brush alongside- Deal of the year!


  6. cute color! i remember you mentioning that you were looking for a good lavender nailpolish. i am loving this one!



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