Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Crayon Kohls, discuss!

So just a cheeky little post on a product I slicked on this morning ( does anyone else ever try to inject a bit of excitement in a day by using something different?!) This is from a range that a long time ago I started looking at in Boots as I like the packaging and was in love with a nude lipstick of theirs that became the holy grail to find. Pure by Carlo Di Roma was a little pricey for the high street market and being more unknown but I liked their sturdy and sleek branding and packaging but just never got round to parting with the money for it.
However a couple of months ago I saw it had been discontinued as there has just been remnants of the line at incredibly cheap prices pretty much scattered everywhere in the stand! So of course I jumped right in, like a vulture and start picking apart what was left. I picked up their Kajal sticks in black, silvery grey and brown and am only getting used to playing around with it now. It is like a big crayon , a form I have never used before and it has its pros and cons.

I liked that it slicked on easily and instantly gave that nice smudged up rocky sexy eye, with very little effort, the crayon tip made it great to apply but that was at the thin end, if I wear it down I am not sure how I will operate the thicker end of the stick!

The downside for me was after putting it on and continuing getting ready, my next glance in the mirror and a line of the product had appeared further up my eye lid where it had transferred, not a good luck, but easily removed with a cotton bud. Maybe with a little more primer up there it would stay put, I will have to have a play around.

Anyone else a fan of a more crayon style kajal/Kohl?


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