Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Boots No 7 Shine Free Base Review

So you know those little vouchers I say I love from Boots, when you spend over £5 you get another £5 to spend, what is not to love?! I'll tell you what, when you end up with so many of them and their is a deadline to use them buy so you end up running around the shop trying to work out what to spend them on, even though it feels like you have already got it all! Cannot complain though- It's free money! So this time round after buying my Bf and myself some lunch there I had my last one to use up and took a bit of a gamble and picked up this little bottle of the NO7 shine free make up base. I wasn't really sure what to expect but I fancied playing around with it, and the other 2 on the shelf were colour collectors and I had a fear of getting them, not rubbing it in and wandering around looking purple or green. Sexy.

I got home and a little haphazard went mad and smeared it all over my face:


My first instantly all dried up and felt like it was shrinking so then I thought Pah I will just slick on some foundation on top, again Fail. It looked as though all my skin was flaking off in the grim white paste/foundation combo. Oh Dear, I was defeated and disgruntled as with my voucher this had still cost £5.75. The cost spurred me on however and I thought I needed to go again,this time not just rushing into it. So I slicked on my moisturiser and this time, just took a little blob of the white stuff and patted it into certain areas, namely the pores on my cheeks and around my nose. And I was much happier, it really made a difference, applied correctly I feel it is a good pore concealer for under my foundation and keeps my cheeks matte while holding my foundation in place all day. I think in shiny skin summer it could come in really handy, I still have some experimenting to do with it but on the whole I am no longer annoyed at spending the money on it! I don't think it will work on all skin types, if you have very dry skin I would run far far away from it, but for others applying it right and it could be a god send.

In other news, sorry I have been a little absent over the weekend, I had some really awful news that is very much going to be turning my life around for just now, but I staying positive and will be here as often as I can with some reviews, if only to distract myself! But if you could all send your hopes and prayers they way of my precious HP I would be very greatful, as I long to have her back with me, fit and healthy.

Much Love


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