Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My humps, my humps, my humps

The Sun is shining and I am ready for summer, if it only it was nice here all the time! Through another blog I discovered and ordered a little selection of new eye shadows and finally an NYX blusher- so excited, but I should really be waiting until payday! Off to the Cinema tonight with my beloved best friend HP to see Dear John, a perfect weepie girl fest to get through Hump Day!

Happy Midweek H2t'ers



  1. Enjoy the NYX and the movie!

  2. great post! dear john was a pretty good movie. a lot of my friends didn't like it because they thought it was boring, but i loved it, regardless.

    nyx cosmetics are the best! i have a couple of their nailpolishes. the prices are great, and they work pretty well. if you are looking for a good red nailpolish i'd check out big apple red, or something with the word burgundy and or broadway. i can't remember exactly what it's called.



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