Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Deep Cleanse Please!

So I spent the end of the easter weekend with food poisoning- bleugh! But I am back fighting fit and facing the world, so glad it is over!
Been meaning to blog about this since the start but I just kept getting sidetracked, just want to share a rave review for anyone who has not hear/used Liz Earle stuff before. I used to spend a lot of time around make up artists and I loved picking up what they were raving about and heading out to get it. Liz Earles cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser was something that was Always coming up. So I had to try it...
I am so glad I did, this was over a year ago and I have sworn by it ever since!I used to have to get it on the Internet but now it is around £12 for the big bottle 2 muslin cloths and a carry pouch in John Lewis, which is a bargain in my eyes. It is a light cleanser that you smear on and then rinse the cloth under warm water and just wash your face with, using your finger and a different bit of cloth for areas of face you wipe it away in little circles, and then rinse your face with cold water and voila- lovely clean, fresh skin! It has kept my skin in really good nick and the process is really fast to do. The whole thing feels really luxurious and is well worth trying.
A rave review for Liz :)
Hope you all had a great easter


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