Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dear Birthday Santa, I would like....

Sunglasses- Mark Jacobs
Bag- £25 Asos
Lilac Nail varnish- by anyone!
Shoes- Ravel £30
Watch- Fossil
Little Face Brush- £3 body shop
Peacock Headbands- Ebay

]These are really just little bits and bobs I have been lusting over all week- is it wrong to give yourself a present!? Doesn't matter what I get I am just really looking forward to Birthday weekend to catch up with friends and throw some shapes on the dance floor!
I have been so busy this week i haven't even had the chance to fill you in on the Power plate..
OH MY, that things is insane! My eyeballs were shaking in my head, it really took some getting used to, but boy did it work, 2 days later and all my muscles are still sore, and from only 10 minutes on it! The deep vibration really is difficult to get round but I am determined to persevere so booked a block of 8, that tower of shakes will not beat me! Really glad I tried it out though and it was funny so looking forward to the next session, even if my muscles are not!
Also been trying out that Tresonics kit for the past few days and so far I am impressed, skin feels so clean after it and certainly smooth, it is easy to use and looks nice, the packaging, the stand, the handset. It is slightly annoying It only runs on batteries, but I will have to see how long they last. For the £30 it cost I would definitely say it was worth it, so far it has not helped my pores as much as I hoped it would but it has only been a couple of days so that is me just looking for MAGIC!
Does anyone else have cures for annoyingly large pores?!


  1. Birthday Santa is fabulous! I love him, ha ha! I also love the bag you chose. Very cute. As for large pores, I'm sorry - I have them as well! Find a great exfoliator - I've always been a fan of the Turnaround products by Clinique!

  2. Great list! Nothing wrong at all with getting yourself a little birthday present :)

  3. you can get lilac nailpolish at forever21 for $2.80! i have posted about it a while back on my blog if you want to check it out.

    great birthday choices. those are all cute items! about a pore minimizer-- i heard that MAC has a pretty good one. i've never tried it though.


  4. ohhhh I will have to check that out, thanks for that Sweatshirt. We dont get forever 21 here :( 2.80 is amazing, going to head to local store here and see what bargain lilac I can find, will let you know :)

  5. Ooh! I hope you get everything you wish for for your bday! Happy Birthday weekend! And no - I have no idea about making large pores smaller, but if you find out, will ya please tell me too?!

    xx Vivian @


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